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We give you the people, the processes, and templates to automate your real estate business to provide a predictable income.

Are you tired of being overwhelmed and trying to play catch up?
Do you want to make more money AND spend more time with your family or doing what you love in your real estate business?

So did I! I didn't want to have to choose. And neither should you.

In this program you will get everything that you need to find, hire, and train highly Educated Virtual Assistants to do the bulk of your tasks, exactly the way that you want, for as little as $3 per hour. Amazing right?

As a real estate broker I get that we want results. We are paid not for time spent on a task, but actual results. So,when you start this transformation, you will not only learn how to hire a VA, directly or through a provider, you will also have a 'shortcut'. We give you our manuals that we use in our brokerage to hand to your VA to start producing immediately!

As Seen In:

A Letter From Terry

Broker at Buckeye Realty - Founder Automated Agent

Sometimes, as Rahm Emanuel famously said, 'You never want a serious crisis to go to waste'. And while missing my daughters first steps, first words, just simply growing up may not be considered a 'serious crisis', it sure was to me!

If it weren't for that crisis, I may be still just cruising along, as perhaps you are, doing repetitive tasks the way I always had, feeling special because nobody could do it 'exactly' the way I did.. But at the price of time. Doing what I now know is $$ per hour work like filling out FAR/BAR forms, entering listings in MATRIX MLS, or sending emails/mailers.

In effect I was saying...

- I won't pay $3.00 to spend an hour with my daughter

- I won't pay $3.00 to spend an hour at my daughter's dance class

- I won't pay $3.00 to spend an hour taking care of my health, taking a jog or bike ride

Or even more insidious:

I won't pay $3.00 to spend an hour prospecting, which would result in thousands from one more listing!

So ultimately this program is really about your time, spending it the way you want, either in income generation or whatever else you want. Once the time is gone its gone.. We have to make money of course, lots of it in our business! But we can't make $100k or more doing $3 per hour work. Let us help. We've done it, we have the systems, the activities, the plan. Don't re-invent the wheel.

Your family will thank you for it.. :)

To your success!